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The development trend of intelligent automatic production of vertical injection molding machines

by:FUHONG     2021-06-13
Before buying a vertical injection molding machine, many friends will understand the performance characteristics of the vertical injection molding machine, parameter efficiency and other related issues. In fact, the efficiency of the vertical injection molding machine has to be related to the model of the machine. With the Made in China 2025, to move towards high-end, intelligent and automated high-efficiency production, its customers are also paying more and more attention to the efficiency of production equipment. With the continuous upgrading of vertical injection molding machine equipment, the machine has made great progress in terms of efficiency and energy saving compared with the previous old standard machine. The automated production injection molding machine displayed at the exhibition takes our company's vertical injection molding machine as an example. We can design a full set of injection molding solutions according to customer requirements, including injection molding machines and molds. In addition, we can according to customers According to the requirements, a multi-station disc injection molding machine was designed, a manipulator was added, and an automated production line was designed to realize unmanned production. One manager can realize the problem of high-efficiency injection molding of multiple machines. Labor costs are effectively reduced, and injection molding production efficiency is greatly improved. However, because the cost of intelligent equipment design and production is still high, the price of a single machine is several times more expensive than the price of a traditional vertical injection molding machine, so many customers are not willing to be so big because of the price problem. Large-scale investment in automated production equipment is followed by semi-automated equipment. Regardless of whether it is a fully automatic injection molding production solution or a semi-automatic injection molding production solution, the additional manipulator can be customized according to the needs of customers from the plastic machine to the mold. Of course, intelligent unmanned production is inevitably the development trend of high-end manufacturing in the future, and which manufacturer's machinery and equipment can meet the production needs of customers will be invincible.
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