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The configuration of high-speed thin wall injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-04
High-speed thin wall injection molding machine of nitrogen gas bottle: nitrogen gas bottle is also called the accumulator. High pressure nitrogen gas bottle rubber pouch, and the remaining space is filled with high pressure oil. When injection pressure oil released, basically is a constant voltage instantaneous large flow power source. Although the nitrogen bottle can only provide instant ( Such as 0. 5 seconds) The big flow, but has enough for high-speed thin wall injection. The nitrogen gas bottle, the greater the pressure is constant, the more the pressure oil storage. High-speed thin wall injection molding machine high rigid oil: oil pressure is flexible, and in particular about 0. 5 s acceleration, it must consider this. Large cylinder piston area, short pipe schedule and help reduce the effects of elastic. In addition, if the hard tube can replace hose, high rigidity of oil can also. High-speed thin wall injection molding machine servo valve: the response of the servo valve, proportional valve than normal fast, after filling in, turn to the holding stage, maximize utility. If the valve response than will flash that finished product produce burrs.
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