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The choice of PET special injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-22
TPE as a new kind of plastic, the application is very extensive, like all kinds of articles for daily use and toys. TPE possess excellent machining performance, the more and more aroused people's concern. TPE special injection molding machine performance is outstanding, after 10 years precipitation technology, perfect fusion TPE injection molding process, create perfect products. Before choosing TPE special injection molding machine, we need to do the following work: 1. Application information collection parts size and orientation, material specifications, injection molding size 2. Determine the required clamping force to check parts height, wall thickness, material, core and the projective plane, to determine the required clamping force of 3. Verify the selected check mould dimension space of clamping device: horizontal, vertical, and close the relationship between the clamping device of high corresponding to the selected: when it is necessary to add in the clamping mode option 4. Estimated cycle time according to the wall thickness, process, gate thickness, rib and flange, decided to roughly the filling, packing and cooling time, the root parts according to the height ( Clamping stroke) , cores and slide valve action and any necessary components of effluent, decided to roughly clamping transverse effluent time and parts. This will help to decide the operation of the machine for the specification. 5. Pick up fixed clamping speed and dry cycle machine clamping performance whether enough to reach to the required performance. If required more work performance, decisions fast transversal velocity is operable and/or use. Check the increase rate of clamping pressure and take up decision. 6. Injection unit selection decision one unit with sufficient volume, can accept the injection volume of injection. General selection is required for injection somewhere between ten percent to eighty percent of the total capacity.
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