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The characteristics of the injection molding process of the disc vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-22
Disc vertical injection molding machine-injection pressure is sometimes equated with hydraulic pressure or confused with holding pressure. It is generally considered that the injection pressure is adjustable, but because the injection pressure is related to the flow resistance of the runner, gate and cavity, it cannot be kept constant during the entire injection process. 1. Pressure 1. Plasticizing pressure During the working process of the screw disc injection molding machine, the pressure of the material on the top of the screw when the screw rotates back is called the plasticizing pressure or back pressure. Its impact on injection molding is mainly reflected in the plasticization effect and changes in plasticization efficiency of the material. 2. The injection pressure refers to the pressure exerted by the plastic melt on the head of the plunger or screw when the plunger or screw moves axially forward. It can be selected and controlled according to the following principles: ①When the plastic with good fluidity is formed into simple thick-walled parts, the injection pressure can be lower and generally does not exceed 70MPa. ②The flow channel structure will affect the injection pressure and loss to a certain extent, so the injection pressure should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the flow channel. ③Under the same circumstances, the screw injection molding machine has to overcome greater friction pressure, which causes greater pressure loss. Injection pressure is a very important factor in the injection molding process. At the same time, it should be noted that the selection and control of injection pressure is not isolated, it interacts and interacts with other process conditions. 3. Cavity pressure The change of cavity pressure has an important influence on the quality of molded parts. Its changes over time can be divided into three stages: cavity filling (injection phase), melt compression (compression phase) and material Cooling and solidification under pressure (pressure holding stage). Holding pressure The holding pressure is the pressure applied to the injection part during the second pressure stage. 2. Temperature 1. The temperature of the barrel is determined including the following principles: ① It should be maintained at a certain point between the plastic Tf-Td. ②In order to avoid overheating and decomposition of materials, while controlling the temperature of the barrel, the residence time of the materials in the barrel should be strictly controlled, especially for plastics with poor thermal stability. ③The determination of the barrel temperature is also related to the molding system and mold structure. ④Under the same other conditions, different models of circular vertical injection molding machines have different choices of barrel temperature. ⑤The determination of the barrel temperature also needs to be considered together with other process conditions. ⑥ It is necessary to ensure that the temperature rises steadily to achieve the purpose of homogenization. 2. Nozzle temperature: In order to prevent the salivation of the straight-through nozzle, the nozzle temperature is usually slightly lower than the temperature of the barrel. 3. The temperature of the hydraulic oil: the energy loss and efficiency in the valve will be affected by the viscosity of the hydraulic oil. 4. Melt temperature: The temperature of the melt must be maintained. 5. Mold temperature: refers to the temperature of the mold wall in direct contact with the plastic, which directly affects the filling fluidity of the plastic, the collimation speed of the part, the molding cycle, and the result of the crystallization, orientation, and shrinkage of the part. It is a relational system. An important factor in the quality of parts. 3. Speed u200bu200bThe important speed in the injection molding process of the disc vertical injection molding machine is the screw advancing speed, and it only takes effect during the injection process. The injection pressure, the holding pressure and the cavity pressure change with the increase of the screw advancement speed, and the injection time decreases with the increase of the screw advancement speed. A good product-the disc vertical injection molding machine JTT-R series must be supported by a set of good technology and equipment. In order to create a leading design, the disc vertical injection molding machine has the courage to use the new equipment in the world and dare to use the new equipment in the world. No matter how much technology you invest in, you won’t hesitate at all. Recommended reading: (1) C-type vertical injection molding machine (2) Vertical lock horizontal injection vertical injection molding machine
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