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The characteristics of several common plastic

by:FUHONG     2020-09-27
Injection molding machine according to the customer's plastic raw materials for the customer to recommend the most suitable for injection molding machine screw. Below to introduce the characteristics of several kinds of the most common plastic. A: PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) Heat-sensitive plastic, generally can be divided into hard and soft, add the amount of plasticizer, the difference is that the raw material is less than 10% for hard, more than 30% were soft. Features: (1) no significant melting point, soften 60 ℃, 100 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ viscoelastic state, 140 ℃ melting, decomposition at the same time, the 170 ℃ decompose rapidly, softening point close to break points, decomposition in HC1 gas release. (2) thermal stability is poor, temperature, time will lead to decompose, liquidity is poor. Second, the PC material ( Polycarbonate) Features: (1) an amorphous plastic, no obvious melting point, glass transition temperature of 140 & deg; ~ 150 ℃, the melting temperature of 215 ℃ ~ 225 ℃, the molding temperature 250 ℃ ~ 320 ℃. (2) the viscosity, is more sensitive to temperature, in the normal processing temperature range and internal stability is better, 300 ℃ long stay the basic decomposition, not more than 340 ℃ starts to break down, is influenced by shear rate viscosity is smaller. Three (3) strong water imbibition, PMMA Organic glass) Features: (1) the glass transition temperature of 105 ℃, melting temperature greater than 160 ℃, the decomposition temperature of 270 ℃, forming temperature range is very wide. (2) the viscosity, liquidity is poor, good thermal stability. (3) the strong water imbibition. Four, PA ( Nylon) Features: (1) crystalline plastics, sort is more, different species, its melting point is different also, and the melting point range is narrow and generally used PA66 its melting point is 260 ℃ ~ 265 ℃. (2) low viscosity, good fluidity, have obvious melting point, thermal stability is poor. (3) water imbibition. Five, PET ( Polyester) Features: (1) melting point 250 ℃ ~ 260 ℃, blow molding grade PET molding temperature a bit wide, approximately 255 ℃ ~ 290 ℃. (2) blow molding grade PET high viscosity, temperature has great effects on the viscosity and thermal stability.

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