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The characteristics of injection molding machine there

by:FUHONG     2020-09-16
Injection molding machine is the pioneer of injection molding machine research and development and innovation. Continuously improve the injection molding design, and always focus on injection molding machine of improving man-machine interface, high-speed injection molding machine system research and development and stability, precision plastic injection machine filling technology. Clamping part: 1, the computer finite element analysis and optimization design of frame templates of clamping structure, good rigidity, the bearing capacity is big. 2, templates, stroke, molar volume and pull rod span is big, expanded the mould specifications and types can match. 3, constant supporting force adaptive large hydraulic auxiliary support device, motor board move mould light stability and can reduce the additional bending stress lever, extend the life of the rod. 4, mainframe security door is equipped with hydraulic drive device, reduce the labor intensity. Control part: 1, large memory capacity of the mold, can store dozens of mold data and parameters, convenient user fast exchange of mold, has a password to ensure the security of data. 2, the world famous brand high speed injection molding machine, high precision injection machine dedicated computer injection molding machine, high reliability. 3, provides monitoring of test images, input and output point information, convenient diagnosis service. Injection parts: 1, stepless high torque hydraulic motor direct drive screw melt, high efficiency, compact structure. 2, the injection of a rotary device and the nozzle for adjusting device, mainframe injection rotary device adopts hydraulic drive; 3, the mainframe adopts two-cylinder balance drive injection in a device, force uniform, smooth capacity. Small and medium-sized machine to choose from. 4, 2 plastic pressure and speed setting, hopper in the police. 5, A, B, C three kinds of common screw, PVC, PE, PET, special screw for users to choose. Hydraulic parts: 1, the hydraulic circuit adopts double proportional load sensing hydraulic system, mainframe with the combined pump, pump percentage differential compensation, precision fine-tuning, flow rate, the balance of the machine running, power consumption with the load increase and decrease, save energy, reduce the oil temperature. 2, the world famous manufacturers of high performance and low noise oil pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, reliable seal, high pressure hose to ensure that use. 3, the oil circuit board distribution near a major action element, do quickly.

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