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The characteristics and performance advantages of high-speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-29
Zhejiang machinery company, as an excellent domestic brand of injection molding machine manufacturer. After nearly 30 years of research and development innovation, has launched many industry leading high-speed injection molding machine, won the domestic and foreign markets, the customer the consistent high praise. Here I'll show you a simple introduction, we of the characteristics and performance advantages of high-speed injection molding machine. Injection molding machine is mainly composed of frame, sheet metal, accumulator assistant high-speed injection, clamping system, hydraulic system, electric control part of injection molding machine and injection control high speed. 1. Clamping system GLAMPEING UNIT efficiency: the new hand optimization design, speed and clamping force and perfect combination, high-speed machine clamping speed - 10% 20%, standard mould and die, greatly saves the molding time. 2. Accumulator auxiliary injections of High - at a High speed Speed response accumulator: high speed precision horizontal injection system, suitable for high speed injection, injection of sync problem, low inertia, add, subtract the reply quickly. Tie-in accumulator injection, injection speed range largest high-speed injection molding machine, 300 - 450毫米/秒( Depending on the model) Injection response acceleration and deceleration 30 ms. ( Normal injection molding machine for: 100 mm/SEC or so commonly, injection deceleration responsiveness to hundreds of milliseconds) 3. HYDRAULIC system of HYDRAULIC UNIT high safety: mechanical, HYDRAULIC, electrical triple protection. Security module independently controlled mold-shut and injection, feeding, seat into won't produce misoperation caused by the human body damage. Hidden mechanical safety mechanism, high safety, fully enclosed sheet metal, etc.
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