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The cautions of injection molding machine operation

by:FUHONG     2020-09-29
Injection molding machine can complete the injection operation, but at the time of staff use, also should pay attention to the following content, it can ensure the safety of the production process and security of person. If temperature rising of injection molding machine, the harm of this case to us is very serious, such as it makes the machine deformation problem. For hydraulic system, its coefficient of thermal expansion, if different, then its clearance also can produce change, the corresponding action so there will be a operating system failure, hydraulic system and its transmission precision will be affected, resulting in a decline in the quality of work of the machine. Temperatures can drop oil viscosity to happen. If there is such a situation, it will make injection molding machine occur in all system functions. Because viscosity decreased, so lubrication part will greatly increase the parts wear degree, let wear exacerbate the problem. Temperature is too high to damage the structure of the rubber parts. Because if the temperature is too high, then the rubber will accelerate the aging speed, so it's sealing performance, service life will reduce, lead to accidents. Temperature is too high, it may also be because the pipe blockage happened, such as there will be a filter clogging and cooling tower block and so on. In the process of high temperature. So workers at the time of processing must avoid this kind of problem, such as has occurred should be handled in a timely manner. And also need to pay attention to when we normally operate machinery for various security device cannot be removed, if there are any mistake or accident, safety facilities need to turn off the machine, before the injection molding machine to restart, make sure the fault has been ruled out. More of the injection molding machine problem can feel free to contact us!
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