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The advantages of PVC plastic injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-03
PVC injection molding machine of the advantages of PVC general machine for special machine, screw and cylinder is specially designed for heat-sensitive materials and do the anti-corrosion treatment. Is the most important is the pointed screw and there is no check inverse ring, PVC melt viscosity and easy decomposition, so can't use check inverse ring. PVC plastic injection machine cylinder to precise temperature control, with forced cooling, prevent the excessively high temperature material decomposition. Ordinary injection molding machine is absolutely can not be used in the production of PVC products, which can cause loss of injection mold. Zhejiang machinery co. , LTD. As a world famous brand leader, injection molding machine for PVC with PuTongJi what are the differences? For you to make the following Suggestions: 1. Injection molding machine screw and cylinder PVC specialized level is needed. 2. If is the production of PVC pipe fittings products, injection molding core-pulling distance is large. Need door widened. 3. Fan. 4. More often than PuTongJi core-pulling valve. 5. More often than PuTongJi cooling water interface. PVC injection molding machine with excellent mechanical design, choice of precision machinery parts, high precision and stable control system in the Austrian families and later run test for a long time makes our PVC injection molding machine has the following advantages: 1. Injection molding machine service life is long, maximize returns. 2. To adapt to the high efficiency running state for a long time. 3. Stable precision injection molding process. 4. Humanization of mechanical design is the late maintenance easier. 5. Powerful after-sales team of engineers, support with each region in the world of injection molding machine after-sales service.
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