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The advantages of high-speed injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-15
High-speed injection molding machine for 10 years, and then quietly to exploit overseas market, after ten years of high-speed machine realized that Chinese customers pay more and more attention to the mechanical quality of excellence, imports of equipment is too expensive, and the high cost of maintenance. High-speed machine with close to foreign good injection molding machine manufacturer quality machine, 1/2 - and only them Two-thirds of the price, start at home and abroad customers and expand. Sales of more than one hundred million, 2015, export more than 200 units, customer word-of-mouth communication helps us to grow up fast. Below I will list our injection molding machine and other domestic manufacturers of injection molding machine different 1, our machines tonnage 18 tons, basically in 12 other manufacturer. 5 tons to 14 tons 2, design the template and more upset at the beginning of the elder brother Lin Zhu in order to save money using PuTongJi template with elder brother Lin Zhu 3, single cylinder injection system has high precision, low inertia two cylinder injection, 4 balance problems, using a long period of time the Italian reducer store material, high precision of the conventional pump, unstable above 5, injection speed up to 300 mm/s firing rate in 200 - after modification 240 mm/s between June and customers to use 5 years is no problem, after a high resale value life 1 to 2 years, selling scrap metal,
There are a lot of businesses today that are very much in demand and one of them is a automatic injection moulding machine.
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