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The advantages of high speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-05
Injection molding machine models, models comprehensively. Servo injection molding machine models from 50 t to 4000 t. High-speed injection molding machine 200 tons to 1200 tons, two-color machine from 268 tons to 1100 tons and so on, the following specific we know DKM under high speed machine. High-speed machine adopts accumulator injection, to improve the filling speed, fast machine cycle, high production efficiency, especially suitable for the production of ultra-thin and sophisticated products. Generally applicable to the following raw materials and products: 1. General packaging products: jelly box, snack box and so on, the raw material for PP, PE, PS 2. Shell packaging products: CD, DVD, mobile phone battery box, such as raw material for PP, PE, ABS commonly 3. Engineering products: electronic connectors, precision plastic gears, such as raw materials in general for POM, PA, PBT, high-speed machine has high speed process, accurate temperature control, precise injection weight control, excellent energy saving, high return on investment performance, etc. 1, the clamping part of the new generation can toggle clamping unit and optimal parameters of computer simulation can be switch to make template quickly smooth operation. When combination box board, fixed template and high rigid switch structure, make its have high strength and fatigue resistance. Compared with the similar machine, it has a greater distance, mould space inside the bar and open mold schedule and can be processed more big norms product 2, high efficiency and energy saving of hydraulic pressure and high precision ratio make the hydraulic system pressure and variable pump system with the whole machine is the required energy without high pressure throttle valve and the overflow loss. Compared with quantitative pump, the energy saving can reach 30% 60%. The same power of the engine may be equipped with a large displacement of the oil pump in order to improve the machine speed. Other low oil temperature and can prolong the service life of seals. Imported high precision oil filter device more extended hydraulic system normal operation. Buffer system applied to each process in the oil to ensure no impact the stability of the process is running. Another unique clamping operation guarantees the high production efficiency. 3, molding part short and strong double oil cylinder injection system can guarantee the stability of the injection. Strain free fixed template and excellent design of the screw help achieve with good plasticizing capacity and efficiency. Nissan's screw head and tail high toughness non-return ring, with special heat treatment with high heat resistance and abrasion resistance, and high hardness in high temperature operation. By a high alloy steel screw and feeding tube has the characteristic of high hardness anti-corrosion wear resistance. Combination has a high precision electronic scale and injection pressure and machine speed regulation of PID temperature control machine, and can keep the pressure, rear pressure, melt and other activities, to ensure the quality of forming products and continuous production. Auto material preparation, inspection without antifreeze water start failure function to ensure the efficient and simple and safe operation. 4, the control part of the injection molding machine unique high performance control. Sino-British interchangeable, clear, visual and easy to operate.
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