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The advantage of injection molding machine with is outlined

by:FUHONG     2020-10-10
In injection molding machine labeling technology application in abroad has been a quite a long time, the mould of the label and a mould of the labeling machine production application is already very mature. Label in the mold is a kind of different from traditional tag packaging new packaging form, his presence brings to the tag packaging very significant innovation. Mould label has been popular in some countries in Europe and the United States for many years, the developed countries in the world has more than half of the products using the technology of mould labeling. In the injection molding machine labeling system is mainly used for blow molding products. Labeling technology, in the mold is made through special process of trademarks ( Mould label) Using mold labeling machine in plastic hollow products blown let people blow mold cavity, at the same time after the effect of high temperature and high pressure synchronize the labeling and blowing hollow products complete, compared with the traditional way of sticker label to simplify the production process, thus greatly improving the productivity. The casino mould for you briefly in the injection mold labeling technology advantage. Has the advantage of labels in the injection mold and plastic products for the same type of plastic resin, in the mold under high temperature can fuse into one, combining with the nature, character such as waterproof, prevent oil, mouldproof, in various harsh environment, not easy to fall off, and the trademark is more beautiful. Furthermore, labels and products can be recycled at the same time, simplify the regeneration process, both the environmental protection, with the domestic and international current advocate environmental protection theme is consistent. And because the mould labeling system ( Including molding machine label production and mold labeling machine application) Is relatively complex, but also reduces the possibility of fraud, this gives the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of brand of the users of plastic packaging products factory provides a very reliable brand protection, therefore, application of hollow mould labeling technology, production of packaging products is more and more popular with the masses of users. Mould label in the domestic market after recent two or three years on the sidelines, finally started the size of the application, has attracted more and more the attention of the personage inside course of study and the end user. Past is equipped with imported mould labeling system of blow molding machine 30 to 40% more expensive than ordinary blow molding machine. Prices bottlenecks make the masses of users, to a certain extent, delay the mould labeling technology promotion speed. At present, after the relevant domestic equipment manufacturers technical staff of hard research, finally an independent research and development of a mould labeling machine products, its price is only half of the imported products to around a third, product performance has been achieved and more than similar imported equipment, and has been successfully applied to production, produced great economic benefits and social benefits. Casino provide a mould stick mould, a mould labeling manipulator, all kinds of commodity mould products processing, welcome to order, and look forward to cooperation with you!

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