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The advantage of injection molding machine label

by:FUHONG     2020-10-10
Labeling of injection molding machine in the mold is a kind of new technology, for many years in Europe and the United States has a mature application. After several years of development in our country, the injection molding machine technology is mature. Injection molding machine company after years of research, development, accumulation and innovation. Has now become the domestic top mould stick system solution. Mould stick system is a kind of use in the mold technology integration, in the process of the decoration is used for bottle blowing, injection molding and suck plastic containers, a variety of plastic products. Adornment is to point to in front of the product shape, label, designs, etc on the product. Injection molding machine company within the mold labeling machine, has been widely used in various industries; 1: beauty, hairdressing product outer packing container. 2: the outer package of medicine, health food products. 3: food and beverage industry. 4: engine oil, liquefied products such as packaging. 5: have no the vinegar all kinds of soy sauce and condiment industry, etc. Zhejiang machinery company within the mold labeling machine, so popular in many industry fields, the mould compared with the traditional post system and silk screen printing, thermal shrinkage, stickers and manual labeling form, and what are the advantages? 1: improve product anti-fake function, more in line with high standard enterprise brand protection. 2: intrathecal stick mark elegant appearance, can do laser, aluminum plating, such as special effects, greatly improve the grade of product packaging. 3: exquisite molding technology industry, label is not easy to damage, can waterproof, prevent oil, mildew effectively. 4: compared with the traditional process, more cheap, saving product cost. 5: to reduce the product weight, reduce production logistics space, save operating costs. 6: increase wall strength, better crushing function. Above all, visible; Mould labeling injection in advance in the field of packaging, labeling in advance has disruptive innovation advantage. If you are know to stick in the membrane system relevant information, please contact us.

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