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The advantage of a mould labeling on IML skills

by:FUHONG     2020-09-13
Anti-counterfeiting due to mould the underlying skills, a high content of science and technology, from the label material, printing, production, to the labeling equipment and mould structure design and plastic molding skill should be connected to each other closely, is the counterfeiters. Good appearance effect mould stick mark goods commodity is more beautiful than screen printing, sticker, high brightness, especially a third higher than the brightness of the sticker. Together, the label appearance looks more rich, more gorgeous, feel is smooth. Cost-effective mold labeling will not appear in printing ink, label not case become warped, loss, damage, the label itself can waterproof, prevent oil, mouldproof, moistureproof, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to conflict. Therefore, reduce the defective rate caused by the label. Mould labeling labels the same way as the non-drying label quotation, than 6 - More than 8 color silk screen printing quotation is lower. Else, as a result of chosen mould labeling stick mark again saves production link, and then greatly improve the efficiency, save the yield criterion. Mould labeling or through a dedicated mechanical equipment ( Labeling machine) To send label products to injection mold cavity, the use of plastic injection mould, by the effect of high temperature and high pressure synchronize the labeling and plastic products. This skill internal domestic market has been carried out in recent years, the label information, print production, labeling manipulator, the improvement of mold, and injection molding equipment and so on gradually promote integration advantages, label supplier is carried out by a single foreign imports to own production. Labeling relative to slower in the injection mold, the primary reason is that the supply chain is incomplete, form a complete set of equipment need to be imported from abroad, such as labeling manipulator, increased the difficulty of capital and skills. But casino on the injection molding machine and injection mold field existing mature professional basis. But also intensified in recent years the study of mould labeling equipment, has formed a relatively stable technology. The use of membrane in China within the tag skills also is not very wide, but with the development of the skills skills sophisticated and the increasingly perfecting of the whole supply chain, as well as packaging user and terminal consumers more hope for goods packaging, looking to the future, mould labeling skill will be promoted and applied in our country.
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