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Technology perfect servo injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-15
Servo injection molding machine adopts high-performance servo control system. As a dynamic source of the engine driven pump, high response, energy saving, low noise, high control precision, etc. To achieve a breakthrough in electric servo and hydraulic drive technology perfect union. Energy-saving servo machine servo system of high efficiency and energy saving effect realization of injection molding machine operating costs cut. Not only have high energy saving, more can realize high precision speed. Pressure control. Efficiently suppress the oil temperature rise, the realization of fuel tank miniaturization, prolong the service life of hydraulic oil. The efficiency of energy saving injection molding machine. Servo electro-hydraulic system adopts the moment of inertia of small and slim motor design, cooperate with the most advanced high-speed DSP computing devices, realize the field-oriented vector control strategy. System has extremely fast response speed, the highest part of the servo motor speed to 2500 r/min, and from zero speed to high speed time male 36 milliseconds. Injection molding machine action such as opening and closing of mold, mobile, thimble and speeding up to, such as shortening the injection molding cycle, improve the production efficiency. The precision of the servo injection molding machine. Turn up to 4096 pulses/precision of high precision rotary transformer as the motor speed, Traffic) Feedback components and high precision pressure sensor as pressure feedback component, and carries on the double closed loop control of pressure, flow, using high-speed DSP to realize all kinds of control algorithm, the average pressure can achieve zero error. 5 bar, the error of the speed control of 0. 1%, sluggish bad to zero. Therefore, goods weight high repeat precision, satisfy the needs of the production of high precision products.
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