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Talk about the development prospects and market demand analysis of vertical injection molding machines.

by:FUHONG     2021-06-12
The vertical injection molding machine is a device that injects the pre-molded and melted granular polymer material into the mold cavity at a high speed, and then cools it to form a plastic product. It can mold complex products at one time, with high production efficiency and less post-processing. , Good surface finish, low rejection rate and other characteristics, and can meet the requirements for dimensional accuracy and quality accuracy of injection molded products. Therefore, the vertical injection molding machine has become the most representative type of plastic processing equipment in plastic machinery with a large volume and a wide range. The factors that promote the development of vertical injection molding machines in my country include the following aspects: ①National policy support, on the one hand, local loans have been loosened, and at the same time, through a certain range of restrictions on imported injection molding machines to encourage and support the gradual localization; ②Introduction As a result of digestion, absorption and localization policy, domestic injection molding machines have been greatly improved in terms of type, quality and level, and some have reached international standards, which can meet the needs of users at different levels; ③Because the coastal areas continue to implement the open policy In order to expand reproduction, collective enterprises and individual industrialists have purchased plastic production equipment one after another. For example, the electrical accessories and button industries in Wenzhou, Zhejiang occupies a large number of markets across the country, covering a wide area, and the demand for output is expanding, requiring a large number of small injection molding machines; ④With the development of the automobile, electrical appliances, furniture industries and children’s toys, the The demand for high-level plastic products and products that use plastic instead of wood and plastic to replace steel is increasing, increasing the demand for domestic famous brand injection molding machines; ⑤ Some equipment in the plastics industry is aging and needs to be updated; ⑥ Manufacturing internationalization and Globalization, international orders are increasing year by year. Recommended reading: JTT+H vertical two-color injection molding machine two-color mold structure and unique injection advantages?
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