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Super high-speed injection molding machine what are advantages

by:FUHONG     2020-09-04
High speed injection molding machine super advantages: 1. Accumulator auxiliary high-speed injection: high speed: high speed horizontal injection system, suitable for high speed injection molding machine injection of sync problem, low inertia, add, subtract the reply quickly. Tie-in accumulator injection, injection speed range largest high-speed machine: 300 - 450毫米/秒( Depending on the model) Injection of the rapid response acceleration and deceleration 30 ms. ( PuTongJi is: 100 mm/SEC or so commonly, injection deceleration responsiveness to hundreds of milliseconds) 2. Clamping system: high efficiency: the new hand optimization design, speed and clamping force and perfect combination, high-speed machine clamping speed - 10% 20% standard open mould and die, significantly save molding time. 3. Hydraulic system: high security: mechanical, hydraulic, electrical triple protection. Security module independently controlled mold-shut and injection, feeding, seat into won't produce misoperation caused by the human body damage. Hidden high mechanical safety mechanism, safety injection molding machine. Totally enclosed sheet metal. 4. Electric control part: high precision, adopt the advanced computer controller, position and the temperature control precision. Matching precision servo valve fully closed loop injection system, guarantee the stability of injection. Oil valve plate installed directly on the actuators, control more precise and quick response. Bijection moving balance cylinder to ensure the machine to receive strength evenly, high pressure injection is not easy to leak adhesive, injection is more stable. Shoot platform adopts the design of linear slide rail, to ensure that the feed tube or not, smooth and accurate. High speed machine high rigid clamping mechanism template low deformation, and the connecting rod to stand near the center of the template, realize the clamping force is uniformly distributed. L / D = 22 - 24, the double mixing screw thread to ensure that the plastic mixing evenly. 5. Injection parts: high energy saving: equipped with high response servo system, high speed machine work according to the need to provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow, no overflow losses, 30 - to save energy Optional servo motor feeding, 70% than traditional oil motor, can save energy consumption and more accurate position.
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