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Specification of responsibilities of operators and managers of vertical injection molding machines.

by:FUHONG     2021-05-28
1. Carefully study the equipment manual, and understand the structure and composition of injection molding and the function of the main parts of each part. 2. After training, the operator should keep in mind the production operation regulations and operating procedures of the vertical injection molding machine. After the actual operation assessment, the qualified person can independently carry out the production operation. 3. The production operator should be able to discover equipment failures in production and quality problems of injection molded products in time, and be able to find out the causes of equipment failures and the reasons that affect the quality of products, and solve them in time. 4. Know how to maintain equipment. 5. During the production operation, if major failures or equipment accidents occur, report to the relevant personnel in the workshop in time, and explain the phenomenon of equipment failures and possible causes. 6. Without the approval of the workshop leader, no one is allowed to arbitrarily operate and use the equipment that is the responsibility of the operator, and the equipment operator has the right to stop it. When other persons approved by the workshop leader operate the equipment, the operation site of the equipment shall be on the side to monitor its operation. 7. The production tools and accessory parts on the equipment should be kept by the equipment operator, and random piles are not allowed. In the event of loss or damage, the operator shall bear the responsibility for custody negligence. 8. It is not allowed to use any reason or excuse to make operation methods that are likely to cause personal injury or damage the equipment. Recommended reading: JTT series molding process technology and development analysis of vertical two-color injection molding machine?
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