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Specific working principle of the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-17
In plastic products, injection molding machine play an important role and status. Working principle of horizontal injection molding machine and syringes are similar, it is by means of the screw thrust, will have plasticizing good molten plastic injection into the closure of the mold cavity, after curing finalize the design the product process. Injection molding is a process of circulation, each cycle mainly includes: clamping - - Cylinder charging & ndash; The molten plasticizing & ndash; Injection pressure & ndash; Molding cooling & ndash; Open mold to take. After take out the plastic mould clamping again, and then go to the next cycle. General screw injection molding machine molding process is: first, add the granular or powdered plastic cylinder, and with the rotation of the screw and barrel outer wall heating make plastic molten state, then the machine forward, clamping and injection nozzle with mold gate way, then to the injection cylinder pressure oil of our factory, make the screw to move forward, thus at high pressure and fast speed will be within the closed mold injection melting temperature is low, after a certain time of the pressure maintaining and cooling, make its curing, can open mold to take out the plastic products, and the holding of the purpose is to prevent cavity in the reverse flow of the molten material, supplementary material within the cavity, and ensure that the plastic products have a certain density and size tolerance. Injection molding is the basic requirement of plasticizing, injection and molding. Plasticizing is the precondition for the implementation and ensure the quality of molding products, to meet the requirements of molding, injection must ensure that there is enough pressure and speed. At the same time, because of the high injection pressure, corresponding to a high pressure in the cavity, The average pressure inside the cavity generally between 20 ~ 45 mpa) , so you must have enough clamping force. Thus, mould device of injection device and is the key to the injection molding machine parts. Injection molding machine type is various, models complete. Standard variable pump injection molding machine and servo injection molding machine models from 50 t to 1600 t. High speed injection molding machine 118 tons to 780 tons, two-color machine from 268 tons to 500 tons, is now facing the whole country invites agents, hope people with lofty ideals to join, create success!
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