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Special injection molding machine for automobile glass sealing strip

by:FUHONG     2021-06-09
With the full arrival of the National VI policy, the reform of automobiles by automakers has become imminent. Compared with China V, China VI puts forward higher requirements on pollutant emission standards. However, the implementation of this policy did not give car manufacturers too much time to prepare. Three years was like a gap. State V to State VI is not a simple upgrade. It requires automakers to make major breakthroughs in engine technology, thermal management technology, and combustion control technology. To meet lower emission standards, some power will inevitably be sacrificed, and the disappearance of power will directly affect consumers' purchasing needs. In order to solve these complex logical relationships, the lightweight design of automobiles has been pushed to the center of the stage. How to choose a special injection molding machine for automobile glass sealing strip and a special injection molding machine for automobile parts? The lightweight design of automobiles and new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years. A large number of plastic parts have been added to the interior and exterior of automobiles, such as plastic bumpers, wheel covers, fenders and other parts that have become normal. Plastic front-end frames, plastic intake manifolds and plastic tailgates have also become key development targets. The new round of automobile reform not only promotes the plasticization of auto parts, but also directly stimulates the development of the automobile injection molding industry. New opportunities also place higher requirements on the quality of our injection molding machines and injection process. Automotive plastic parts must be able to take on the heavy responsibility of structural or semi-structural parts, and how to solve the problem of spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles. This is a new challenge to the quality of our injection molding machine and injection process. The following is a JTT-450C special injection molding machine for sealing strips: JTT-450C vertical injection molding machine without guide post: sealing strip JTT-450C vertical injection molding machine without guide post Features: 1. Vertical injection molding without guide post for sealing strip The injection molding machine has high pressure and high speed, which is more suitable for special molding. 2. The diversified oil circuit design of the vertical injection molding machine without guide post can meet the needs of customers. 3. Vertical mold clamping, vertical injection, and the body without guide pillars are more convenient for special long strip embedding and removal operations, or installation of automatic configuration, so that cooperative customers have more machine options. The technical parameters of product sample drawings are under the development trend of replacing steel with plastics, energy saving and emission reduction, automotive plastic parts will be further improved, and modified plastic materials for vehicles will also be promoted and applied on a large scale.
In the past few decades, micro injection molding production has increased because of the use of automatic injection moulding machine.
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