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Small injection molding function to produce 80 t?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-09
Now more and more large-scale injection molding, can produce the plastic products is becoming more and more heavy. Like injection molding machine has been able to produce 4600 tons, the product grams weighs 63000 grams injection molding machine. So relative to 25 meters of large injection molding machine, 80 t small injection molding machine is really a little one, these little guys are not much place? In fact is not, take 80 t injection molding machine, for instance, the type of injection molding machine length is 3. 1 7 meters high. 8 meters, the production of gram weight is 100 grams, this kind of machine what we used to produce the most appropriate? Length is one of the most common following, general this product no more than 20 cm, just with a small machine production, rod inside the distance of 80 t injection molding machine within 355, so as long as the mold thickness is less than this value can be produced. And the biggest advantage is that small compared to the large injection molding machine injection molding plastic precision and speed of production. In a single shot of the small injection molding machine gel g the smaller error range, that is to say, gram weight requirement of the higher products, the need to use the small machines. Such as car remote control key products, with 5 t injection molding machine production, but also small mould do very precision, the more the multi-cavity mold g error. The precision of the small injection molding machine for injection molding machine is leading in the peer, and the price is very high, very suitable for the production of small and exquisite plastic products.
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