FUHONG focus on high-end injection machine technology for plastic moulding machine solution since 2006.



Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine Use for Medical

Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine Use for Medical

Medical supplies: all kinds of plastic medical devices, clean room appliances, etc.

FUHONG is committed to providing high-precision and high-efficiency injection molding machines for medical supplies, so as to optimize production links, reduce manual operation, and save costs.

Cleanliness: produce professional medical supplies, provide dust-free products, and ensure that the products conform to GMP production.

Automation: unmanned operation can be realized by the injection molding machine cooperating with professional manipulators so as to reduce labor cost.

Energy saving and environmental protection: FUHONG injection molding machine uses internationally famous servo frequency conversion system, which can reduce energy consumption by 70%.

Professionalism: provide customers with one-stop solutions.

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