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Routine inspection and maintenance of vertical injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-27
1. Thread fastening of mold and moving parts. All important threaded connections should be re-tightened at least once a week. For general threaded connections, looseness should be found at any time and tightened at any time. 2. Fastening of limit switch bolts. In order to ensure the reliability of the vertical injection molding machine, the bolts or screws of the limit switch should be tightened at least once a week. Usually limit switches are subject to frequent collisions during work, which may cause the bolts to loosen or fall. 3. Inspection of the cooler. The working temperature of the hydraulic oil of the vertical injection molding machine is generally between 45-50 degrees. Because the hydraulic system is designed according to a certain hydraulic oil viscosity, the viscosity will change with the oil temperature, which will affect the system. Working components (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc.) reduce the control accuracy and response sensitivity. The temperature of the hydraulic oil can be controlled by the oil cooler, so you can check the water flow of the oil cooler to control the cooling effect. The leakage of the cooler control valve and pipe fittings should be checked once a week. 4. Monthly inspection and maintenance. 1. The working state of the heating ring. The heating ring should be carefully inspected once a month to ensure the normal operation of the heating ring. Check whether there is resin on the heating ring skin, whether the heating ring is loose, whether the terminal is loose, and whether the heating ring skin is damaged. 2. Clean and scrub the whole machine. Check the oil leakage of hydraulic parts, pipe fittings and lubrication points. Use cotton yarn to scrub the outside of the hydraulic parts and all lubricating surfaces. Take care not to leave cotton yarn on the lubricating surface. Check the ventilation filter in the electric control cabinet. If it is contaminated, remove it and clean it in time. Wipe off the dirty lubricating oil on the track of each moving part and refill it with clean lubricating oil. Use sponge dipped in water to scrub the control screen or computer to remove dust and debris. 3. Check all bolts on the vertical injection molding machine, focusing on the bolts at the connection between the barrel and the nozzle, the connecting bolts of the control lines in the electric control cabinet, and the clamping nuts and bolts. 5. Items for routine inspection and maintenance every year. 1. Check the hydraulic oil. Generally, the fuel tank and filter should be cleaned once after using a new machine for three months. In the future, check whether the hydraulic oil is clean and whether there are air bubbles every six months. If the hydraulic oil has been contaminated or deteriorated, you should consider changing the oil. 2. Check the rod surface. 3. Maintenance of the electronic control system. Check whether the melting device in the power distribution cabinet is loose. If it is loose, tighten it. Conduct an insulation test on the wires of the main circuit with alternating current to check the insulation performance. Note that if the insulation test is done with direct current, it may cause damage to the equipment. If the noise from the motor is too great, diagnose and eliminate the fault in time. The standard vertical injection molding machine, disc vertical injection molding machine, low pressure injection molding machine, etc. produced by the machinery company are designed, manufactured and assembled in accordance with the specifications of the European Plastic and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers Association. The whole machine is equipped with hydraulic and electronic control components from Japan, the United States, Italy, and France. It has the characteristics of high rigidity, strong clamping force, high injection pressure, precision and durability. She has become a vertical injection molding machine manufacturer with independent research and development capabilities in China. And has independent intellectual property rights, and has formulated a set of systematic and standardized service procedures, and launched a 24-hour service response system.
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