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Reduce the injection molding machine wear life of the screw

by:FUHONG     2020-09-27
Injection screw is a long time in high temperature and high pressure, high mechanical torque and friction conditions. Before a number of factors is necessary for process conditions, and the friction loss caused by the inevitable. General screw for surface nitriding treatment, in order to improve the surface hardness, which improve the wear resistance. But if ignored the causes of wear and tear, don't try to wear to reduce as far as possible, is bound to greatly reduce the working life of the screw. Indicated below the cause of injection molding machine screw wear and reduce wear and tear of method 1, each type of plastic, there is a ideal plasticizing processing temperature range, should control cylinder processing temperature, close to the temperature range. Granular plastic from the hopper into the cylinder, will first reach the feeding section, the charging period of inevitable dry friction, when the plastic is heated, fused inequality, very easy to cause the inner wall of the cylinder and the screw surface wear. Similarly, in compression and homogenization, if uneven plastic molten state of disorder, can cause increased wear and tear. 2, rotational speed should be proper calibration. As part of the plastic with enhancer, such as glass fiber, minerals, or other filling material. The material of metal friction often is much bigger than the molten plastic. When these plastic injection molding, if with high speed, is in the increase of plastic shear force at the same time, will also strengthen accordingly produce more fiber is torn, torn fiber containing sharp end, the wear and tear strength increased greatly. Inorganic minerals in the metal surface high-speed taxi, scraping effect is also not small. So the speed shoulds not be too high.
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