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Recommendation: Matching choice of plug injection molding machine and mold

by:FUHONG     2021-06-15
The plug is a relatively large amount of plastic injection molding products, and often requires mass production injection molding. Basically, most of the injection molding machines for injection plugs are vertical injection molding machines. The mold selection is generally a custom mold, which needs to be based on the size of the injection molding machine's clamping system and the number of injections required by the customer. The common plug mold is 1 mold injection and 4 abbreviations: 1 out of 4. If the size of the clamping system of the injection molding machine is larger, a larger mold can be placed, and more plugs can be injected, so you can choose the mold selection, 1 out 8, 1 out 16, 1 out 20, 1 out 32 and so on. Plug injection molding machine recommended plug terminal disc injection molding machine (JTT-550R) plug terminal injection molding machine samples There are two types of injection molding machines used to make plugs. The molds are also divided into two types. One is for plug terminals and the other is for plugs. The interface of the plug is overlaid and injection molded. Both of these machines are vertical injection molding machines, but they are also different. Take for example: we can choose the disc injection molding machine for the vertical injection molding machine of the plug terminal. The recommended ones are: (JTT-550R, JTT-850R, JTT-1600R, the difference lies in the difference in clamping force and injection volume, the greater the injection volume The more the number that can be injected, the more it can be matched with 1 out of 20 or even 1 out of 30 molds) Double-station injection molding machine plug with double-station injection molding machine 1 out of 4 molds with double-station injection molding machine sample Generally, low-pressure injection molding machines are used for the overmolding of plug interfaces, and the molds also have 4 out of 8, 1 out of 8, 1 out of 16 or more. In addition, the low-pressure injection molding machine is divided into single-station and double-station, double-station working efficiency is higher. At present, the more common plug production injection molding uses the combination of a disc vertical injection molding machine and a low-pressure injection molding machine, which has higher efficiency and lower injection cost. Both models can choose single station or double station (single station means one injection molding clamping work area, double station means two injection molding clamping work areas, and its injection efficiency is higher, and multiple pairs can be placed. Mold to improve production efficiency)
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