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Rainbow handle two-color vertical injection molding machine introduction

by:FUHONG     2021-06-17
The grip is a familiar product that everyone can see everywhere. For example, bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, and children's trolleys all have grips on the handles. The installation of the grip is not only for beauty, but also for safety considerations. A high-quality grip cover has good water absorption and moisture resistance. When riding a bicycle in the summer, the palms of the hands are easy to sweat, and the handles cannot be grasped well. By installing the grips, the friction between the handles and the palms can be greatly increased, and the hidden dangers of traffic safety can be reduced. How to choose a two-color vertical injection molding machine with rainbow handle? Rainbow grips are usually mass-produced, which requires our vertical injection molding machines to be capable of rapid production. The grips are not only in one color, but usually require two-color, three-color or even multi-color injection molding. Therefore, production The vertical injection molding machine of the handle should also have the function of multi-color injection and production on demand. Although there are many manufacturers of vertical injection molding machines in my country, few have truly mastered the core production capacity. This also makes the market mixed with different quality. Greatly increase the procurement difficulties of enterprises. Machinery has entered the ranks of the Ru0026D and production of injection molding machines very early. For many years, it has focused on the research and development of vertical injection molding machines and has independent intellectual property rights. It is a high-tech enterprise and its vertical injection molding machines are also exported overseas. Product sample JTT-1100 turret two-color vertical injection molding machine has two injection outlets, which can be alternately molded at one time, can be embedded in multiple molds, turret-style multi-station design, a center turret, and cross-shaped fixed inserts. Optional servo energy-saving motor, standard energy-saving 20-30%, standard three-servo energy-saving 40-50%, faster molding cycle, greatly reducing enterprise production costs.
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