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PVC tube embryo injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-02
Zhejiang brand as one of China's leading supplier of injection molding machine, to provide various types of injection molding machine. We have our best selling servo motor system, high-speed injection molding machine, such as PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine and some custom machine. PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine according to the design of the special performance of PVC material and custom. It told the PVC material with high corrosion resistance, it will corrode mould and machine. Therefore, PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine, use PVC special screw and barrel is suitable for hard and soft PVC material. And because the PVC material will be easy to decompose, in the cooling device was designed on the screw to prevent the material temperature too high produce poisonous gas in the process of production. These are compared with the machine can't normal servo motor, the most significant difference between the two surfaces. In addition, we have our PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine special team, we know the premise must ensure that the mold structure. Most of the time, the PVC injection molds need hydraulic operation, and other work schedule. So for PVC plastic injection machine, we prefer to let the machine plate size is a bit big, suitable for the production of PVC mold. If you are looking for PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine supplier in China, please feel free to contact me. We will work with our the most preferential price, quality and service to provide you.
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