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PVC special injection molding machine, ok?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-03
Injection molding machine type is various, models complete. Standard variable pump injection molding machine and servo injection molding machine models from 50 t to 1600 t. High speed injection molding machine 118 tons to 780 tons, two-color machine from 268 tons to 500 tons, in addition to this, to improve the work efficiency and to the different needs of customers in different industry, we are also has the special research and development and production of PVC machine industry characteristics. For today's energy saving, low carbon and high efficient injection molding has made certain contribution. Our products are widely used in the production of plastic products in all walks of life. For example, computer, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment industry, cosmetics industry, cutting tools, sanitary ware, furniture, toys, daily necessities, baby supplies, electronic connectors, optical lenses, back plate, watch movement gear, sole, color plate, hose and hard tube, clothing accessories, machinery parts, tool handles, water meter, LED lamp holder and so on.
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need fuel for energy,while nissei injection molding machine do not.
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