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PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-02
Between the particularity of PVC injection, injection molding machine set up special processing configuration, in order to satisfy the demands of the processing technology. Injection molding machine specifications: 1. For PVC fittings, as a special specifications of the materials, injection molding machine should be different from other parts manufacturing. Machine should be equipped with special material barrel and screw, the screw length to diameter ratio, the screw head is pointed, three screw length were 40%, 40%, 20%; 2. Cylinder on the fan to help cool the temperature in the process of PVC material in the manufacturing; 3. Larger exit, effectively protect labor engineering; 4. CE standard, four heavy protective set of fully protect the safety of workers; 5. According to your project in detail, customize the most suitable machine; Injection molding machine maintenance note points: 1. To do a good job of equipment corrosion; 2. All contact with the PVC plastic part, don't allow any parameters of plasticized melt adhesive or stranded; 3. The temperature control system of the equipment should be index accurately, responsive; 4. Mastering cleaning cylinder technology.
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