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Production technology of paint barrels of production lines

by:FUHONG     2020-09-11
On the paint barrel production line solution, success is delivered through more than 100 customers both at home and from 1, 2, 5 l, l, l 10 to 20 l l production line etc. We have a mature case. Also for the customer alone across hundreds of high speed injection machines and more than 1000 sets of plastic paint bucket of injection mold. Usually on the surface of lacquer bucket has two ways of printing design, one is thermal pad printing, the other one is a mould labeling ( On IML system) 。 ILM system due to keep the printing design for a long time color bright not easy fade, and thus more popular. Company a strong design and development team, in the guarantee the bucket sealing, bearing and drop function under the premise of efforts to achieve the lightest gram, and provide the bucket on IML mould sticker solution. 20 liters of mould core and cavity on IML bucket: 718 h, beryllium copper guarantee the mould life: 5 m hot runner: 1 point hot runner ejection way: the cycle time of pushing plate: 15 s ( Including mould labeling) Suitable machine: 600 ton DKM high-speed machine ( 650 ton injection molding machine servo motor) 20 l plastic paint bucket mold high-speed injection molding machine + + DKM600HH side into a manipulator to mold the paster, molding cycle only 15 seconds. Lacquer bucket mould using hot runner system, can save time, don't need to cut gate, also won't waste materials. According to our experience, if you don't know the shape of a pot of paint, we can provide you with a variety of lacquer bucket solutions for your choice. If you are interested in the complete paint barrels of production lines, please contact us.
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