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Principle of injection molding machine foundation

by:FUHONG     2020-09-18
Injection molding machine is the use of thermal physical properties of plastic, the plastic from the hopper to join cylinder, cylinder by heating heating circle, outside the plastic melt in the cylinder is equipped with a motor driven rotary screw, plastic under the action of the screw, the screw groove forward delivery and compaction, in plus heat and plastic screw shear gradually under the dual role of plasticizing, melting and homogenization, when screw rotation, the plastic in the spiral groove under the action of friction force and shear force, pushing has molten material to the screw head, at the same time, screw back under the adverse effects of the plastic, the screw head form the loading space, complete plasticizing process, then the screw in the injection cylinder piston under the action of thrust, with high speed, high pressure, the store is indoor material melt through the nozzle of the injection into the mold cavity, the cavity of the molten material after pressure maintaining and cooling, curing finalize the design, mold under the effect of clamping mechanism, open mould, and through the ejection device to finalize the design good products sets out from the mold. Injection molding is a process of circulation, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative loading & ndash; The molten plasticizing & ndash; Injection pressure & ndash; Molding cooling & ndash; Rev. Mold, mold closing again after take out the plastic parts, for the next cycle. Injection molding machine hydraulic system, adopts the double circuit can realize open mould thimble ejection at the same time, thus speeding up the production rate, shorten the production cycle. Mechanical innovation concept: to maximize capacity, energy minimization of concise and beautiful low noise design as the focal point, large tonnage injection molding machine with high competitive power price and short delivery cycle for the domestic and foreign customers with high quality injection molding machine, at the same time relatively low operating costs to reduce the total cost, so as to realize the quick returns, and enhance market competition force.
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