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Precision injection molding process characteristics

by:FUHONG     2020-09-10
Precision injection molding process characteristics are mainly high injection pressure, injection speed and the temperature control must be accurate. ( 1) High injection pressure has been proved that for different plastic, variety, shape and size precision injection molding the required pressure should be 180 - — 250 mpa and, in some special cases, some higher requirements, the highest has about 450 mpa. ( 2) The size of the injection velocity, significantly influence the productivity of the products not only, more important is to reduce the size of the products of tolerance. In order to improve the accuracy of injection molded parts, especially for complex shape product molding, in recent years the development of the injection speed, injection velocity is changing, its change law according to the shape of the structure of the parts and plastic performance decisions. ( 3) Must be accurate temperature control temperature has great influence on the quality of products molding, injection molding is one of the three process conditions. For precision injection, not only the problem of high and low temperature, but also the precision of temperature control problems. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if not accurate temperature control, the liquidity of plastic melt and formability and shrinkage rate is not stable, so it won't be able to guarantee the precise of products. From this perspective, the use of precision injection molding, both for injection molding machine cylinder and the nozzle, or for injection mold, must be kept under strict control their temperature range.
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