FUHONG focus on high-end injection machine technology for plastic moulding machine solution since 2006.



Pet Plastic Injection Molding for Packaging

Pet Plastic Injection Molding for Packaging

Plastic packaging: thin-walled containers, PET bottle preforms, barrels, etc.

Professional packaging products machinery manufacturers, excellent mechanical properties and excellent technical team can make customers free from worry.

According to the characteristics of the injection production that the thin-walled containers need faster injection cycles, FUHONG optimizes the combination design of injection, mold closing, hydraulic pressure, control and others to greatly reduce the production cycle time.

Safety: FUHONG injection molding machine has mechanical, hydraulic and electrical protection.

Stability: the parts in the machine are world-famous brand, so machine stability is ensured and the yield is improved.

Professionalism: FUHONG can provide customers with a complete set of solutions, including injection molding auxiliary machine, manipulator, mold and packaging.

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