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PET injection molding

by:FUHONG     2020-10-04
We supply PET injection molding machine, PET injection molding equipment, PET production line construction, PET injection molding machine export services. Technical engineers through PET material physical properties, PET machine for new design, is the job of the machine under the same circumstances, increase savings rate at about 30% for the customer 60%, capacity increased by 30% or so. PET injection molding machine has the following characteristics: 1. PET bottle embryo can shorten the molding cycle, improve the customer's production. 2. Energy conservation and environmental protection, lower energy consumption, sensitive control system, quick response and better precision machine running the identity. 3. Fast delivery time, package and quick installation. 4. Perfect after-sale service system, so that customers really carefree. In addition, we can according to customer requirements, providing customers with PET production line construction, specific services is as follows: 1. We can provide customers with a complete set of PET production line construction, containing PET machine production equipment with PET mold equipment. 2. Machine parts include: PET injection molding machine, PET blow molding machine grinder, drying machine, feeding machine, dehumidifier, cold water machine, manipulator, air compressor, the conveyor belt. Mould part contains PET tube embryo mould, PET blow molding mold.
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