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Penholder injection molding solution

by:FUHONG     2021-06-26
The raw materials used in injection molding of cosmetic pen holders are ABS, SA, etc. It is a thermoplastic plastic material. The advantage of its injection molding is that it can be heated repeatedly, and the product after injection molding has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, and chemical stability. Therefore, it is a very suitable material for injection molding penholders, bicycle handles, and toothbrush handles. Characteristics of SA injection molding 1. SA plastic is hard and transparent, and it is not easy to crack, which can ensure that the product after injection molding will not appear embrittlement and cracking. The temperature of heating injection molding is better than that of PS plastic bottom, and the molding effect is better. 2. The injection temperature is generally 200-250℃, and the injection pressure needs to be 350-1300bar. It is recommended to use a turret vertical injection molding machine for injection molding whose clamping pressure can meet the injection pressure requirements. Common injection products: cosmetic pen holders, toothbrush handles, fishing tackle, musical instruments. Characteristics of ABS injection molding 1. ABS is also a very common plastic material. It has the same characteristics of high strength, hardness, chemical stability, non-toxic and odorless as SA, and is especially suitable for products such as injection molded penholders and handles. The product after injection molding has high hardness and will not be cracked or embrittled. 2. The injection temperature of ABS is generally 190-235℃, and the injection pressure needs to be 500-1000bar. The injection molding requirements can be achieved by using a disc vertical injection molding machine or a turret vertical injection molding machine. Common injection products: various hardware tool handles, electronic products, instrument shells, toy shells, etc. The best model can be customized according to the characteristics of different injection molding requirements. The larger the tonnage of the vertical injection molding machine, the greater the pressure of the injection molding clamping force. The common smallest tonnage is 150T, and the largest tonnage is 2000T. Model configuration The parameters are subject to actual customization.
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