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Pay attention to vertical injection molding machines, and maintain common sense

by:FUHONG     2021-06-28
Anyone who uses a vertical injection molding machine should pay attention to its daily maintenance and the service life of the machine. Now let us see why you need to maintain your injection molding machine. First of all, in order to ensure the implementation of the machine's large performance state; secondly, timely and correct maintenance can ensure and extend the life of use, reduce the number of maintenance and economic expenditure; the last point is very real, that is, it can ensure the smooth progress of production. Below I explain the maintenance of the machine one by one from four angles. 1. Safety mechanism (1) Whether the rubber injection protective cover of the machine is normal at work, whether the work around the injection molding machine is safe, and whether the safety door works normally; (2) Whether the safety adjustment of the injection molding machine bumper is reliable when starting; (3) ) Whether the exhaust fan inside the machine works normally, clean up the dust on it regularly, whether the electrical safety door is loose, and the bolts of the high temperature protection cover of the barrel are fixed; (4) Whether the emergency brake button can work normally, check whether the performance of the electronic circuit stable. 2. Mechanical adjustment (1) Regularly check the machine gear, template, lubricating oil circuit, keep it clean, and add lubricating oil in time; (2) The machine balance sliding foot debugging, the foot pad is evenly stressed, and the level is 0.2mm/m; (3) ) Debug the position of the machine console and the level of the whole machine; (4) Determine whether the electric heating device on the dryer, the material tube, and the mold work normally. 3. Electrical computer (1) Regularly check the electrical insurance, the whole machine circuit, and the computer parameters; (2) Check whether the sensor is in good condition and whether the signal is in place; (3) Perform 5S electrostatic dust removal on the electric control box regularly. 4. Hydraulic oil circuit (1) Periodically test the hydraulic pressure, oil tank, and lubrication system; (2) Add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine; (3) Filter the hydraulic oil every six months. If you can apply the common sense of maintenance to daily use and care thoroughly, I believe that your machine will not only prolong its service life, but it will also be easy to use.
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