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Overview of various insert molding of standard vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-11
Vertical injection molding machines are mainly used in insert molding and injection molding on metal substrates. Injection molding on the substrate refers to the method of embedding injection molded parts on a part of the metal plate surface. The JT series standard vertical injection molding machine is a vertical injection molding machine with a fixed lower template and a movable upper template. A new type of guide mechanism is used to improve the stability of the insert when it is inserted vertically into the mold to achieve high precision molding. It is suitable for insert molding, drawstring molding and injection molding on metal substrate. Insert injection molding process Insert molding, also known as in-mold assembly injection molding, refers to inserting a pre-prepared insert or metal tape into the mold through a robot, and then injecting resin, and the molten material is joined and solidified by the insert The molding method of integrated products. JTT-R series disc vertical injection molding machine is most suitable for in-mold assembly injection molding production process. The representative models are: two-color two-material injection molding machine. A two-color two-material injection molding machine with one clamping device and two injection devices. Representative models are: vertical injection molding machine ceramic material molding. The main engineering includes: powder ceramic material is heated and melted with resin binder-kneading-vacuum degassing-granular molding material-injection molding machine molding-molded product degreasing-sintering Forming-post-processing of the product. Ceramic products have the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance, drug resistance and hardness. JTT-R series disc vertical injection molding machine is also suitable for ceramic material molding production process. The quality of the product depends on the disc model. Vertical injection molding machine BMC molding (dual mold vulcanizing machine) is a rotary table dedicated molding machine suitable for vertical clamping and horizontal injection of wet BMC block molding materials. The injection device has screw type and plunger type to choose from. BMC is a clay block thermosetting molding material composed of glass fiber and filler mixed with unsaturated polyester resin. The material has a short curing time, good moisture resistance, heat resistance, and sound absorption. It is widely used in automobiles, audio-visual products, high-power products, OA/FA, sealing molding and other fields. Manufacturer of liquid silicone (LSR) molding and other liquid materials molding vertical injection molding machine. The liquid silica gel is mixed, metered, pressurized and injected into the mold through a unique static mixing device to cure and form. Suitable for molding of various high-precision silicone products and molding without overflow. Used in the molding of liquid silicone insulators, lightning arresters and other products. The injection volume of JTT-550DM liquid silicone (LSR) vertical injection molding machine is 113-1407g, and it is also suitable for molding liquid materials such as epoxy resin and polyurethane. Machinery, more than ten years of independent research and development, a one-stop injection molding process solution provider. Mold development, imported hot melt adhesives, injection molding processing. Using Korean and Japanese materials, good quality. Vertical injection molding and MIM metal powder molding. The metal powder and resin binder are heated and kneaded to form a granular molding material. After molding by a standard vertical injection molding machine or a disc vertical injection molding machine, it can be processed by degreasing, sintering, and post-processing. Make precision metal products. It is also suitable for the molding of plastic magnetic materials. Customers can choose different models according to product requirements. C-type vertical injection molding machine C-type vertical injection molding machine adopts a clamping mechanism in which the lower template is fixed in a balanced arm mode and the upper template is lowered. It is convenient to adjust the mold thickness. There is no tie rod obstacle in the front, and it is easy to install, form and take out the wires. Equipped with a mobile workbench (optional), which reduces the work intensity and improves the production efficiency. Representative model diagram: Recommended reading: (1) Battery connection line injection molding and overmolding process solution (2) JT series standard vertical injection molding machine installation instructions
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