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New injection molding machine how to debug?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-30
A small machine, injection molding machine lifting tear open outfit is integral, do not need to tear open outfit, when lifting, the variable should be transferred to the minimum thickness. Big machine tear open outfit will be made by injection molding machine manufacturer crew is complete, if the machine moving again and no crane in the plant, at the bottom of machine of cushions to ourselves. Because of the heavy machine, experience in lifting the rigger should command, pay attention to the following: ( 1) The use of strong enough lift and transport machine lift machine. ( 2) Any hanging wire rope, when in contact with machine to between wire rope and the machine in a cloth layer or block in order to avoid damage of the machine parts, such as injection molding machine of the pull rod, etc. ( 3) Wood block or pad under the machine after the completion of the unloading and handling all can be removed. Second, rust all the mechanical parts of the exposed in the air, such as piston cylinder, pull rod and template parts processing surface, all painted a rust inhibitor before they go out. Clean lubricating oil and hydraulic oil bearing surface of mixed oil can generate a layer of anti-rust film. The operation is not in contact with the machine parts, covered with rust preventive for machine provides resistance to corrosion and the protection of the environment. Unless you really need, runtime to wipe away anti-rust agent, but disable solvents to wipe the rust inhibitor. Three, installation environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ ( Ambient temperature) in the operation of ; Humidity: 75% ( Relative humidity) Condensation, can not have. Altitude: at an altitude of 1000 meters. When the humidity is too high, can make the poor insulation condition, parts aging ahead of time, do not install the injection molding machine in the wet environment. Don't install in the dust of the place or organic gas, high concentration of corrosive gases, stay away from electrical interference will happen or has a magnetic field. Four connect power cable, power supply to the electrical power supply into line in the box, for five line, the three-phase voltage is 380 v, 50 hz. Five, six boot parameters, test, product.
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