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Network cable toe cap vertical injection molding machine, network cable overmolding injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-05-26
Small vertical injection molding machines such as network cable crystal plugs, data cables, USB, and terminal plastic encapsulation require small injection volume and high precision. When purchasing such small vertical injection molding machines, the first consideration for customers is A suitable injection molding machine with small injection volume and high precision requirements. It has a fairly mature solution for wire encapsulation. Trial molds can be provided free of charge. In the field of wire encapsulation, vertical injection molding machines are also in the industry. Famous. Determined to help cooperative enterprises improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and make cooperative enterprises more competitive. Believe that only a win-win road can go further, and partners can trust more. We do not make the cheapest, we only make the best. JT-150 standard vertical injection molding machine features: 1. Vertical, direct pressure clamping, vertical injection, small footprint, smart and precise. 2. The lower mold is fixed and the upper mold is movable. For the good positioning of the insert, and configure the finished product ejection device. The stress distribution is uniform. The injection pressure protection is accurate, and the whole stroke is smooth and excellent. 3. The electric control and hydraulic pressure adopt imported brand-name spare parts. Precise and durable. 4. In-line screw injection device. No limit adjustment of back pressure. Suitable for molding precision plastic parts. 5. Suitable for injection molding of small and medium-sized embedded parts, the best choice for insert molding. 6. Optional servo energy-saving motor.
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