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Network cable crystal head injection molding machine solution-improve injection efficiency

by:FUHONG     2021-05-25
Generally speaking, the injection molding machine of the injection molding network cable crystal head has two injection molding solutions for everyone to choose, and the complete injection molding solution is mold + molding machine. The efficiency of injection molding is affected by the power of the injection molding machine, the injection speed and the first time. The efficiency of molding, and the number of mold injection molding is also the key to efficiency. NO.1 For small batch production, choose: low-pressure injection molding machine + injection mold. Advantages: low-pressure injection molding machine has low power and low power consumption. It can be purchased in large quantities for small batch production, because the low-pressure injection molding machine has low efficiency and small model size. The number of injections will not be too much. The price of a single machine and mold is relatively cheap. Disadvantages: The injection efficiency of a single unit is not high, and the production cost of a single product is high. For NO2 mass production, choose: disc machine (or skateboard machine) + injection mold. Advantages: disc injection machine has high power and high power consumption. It can be produced in large quantities. A single machine can produce a large number of products at one time. The cost of product production is relatively low. Disadvantages: The purchase price of machines and molds is relatively expensive. At present, the injection molding machines that our company can use to produce network cable crystal heads for injection molding use roughly the above two options.
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