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Mould's relationship with China's fate

by:FUHONG     2020-09-14
Can mold the fate of relations with China from the following several aspects: the origin of the mould, the basic knowledge of mold, mold and industrial relations, mould and industrial relations, China's development. China the fate of the ups and downs with the development of China's industry is the relationship of fish and water, reviews the development of Chinese economy, it is not hard to see the impact of the industry of the whole national GDP. And mould industry in an indispensable link of the mold the fate of ties with China and how involved in it? Mold is when to start to appear in people's life, has now been impossible, but according to historical records, the earliest mould should be evolved by casting development, human beings are clever, at the right time, smart people can naturally found through a fixed object afterlife produce many of the same product, there is no specific historical records, so the mold is in the hands of one intelligent person develop, quietly contribute to people's lives, until people realize they can not do without it, and then began to attach importance to it, and there was now & other; Mould & throughout; 。 In short, the mould is used for molding tools, this tool consists of various parts, different mould made up of different parts. It is mainly by the changes of the molding material physical state to implement items shape processing. Die mold township of huangyan has more than 2000 enterprises, mainly involved in auto mould, commodity mould, pipe fitting mould, mould industry, packaging mould, etc. With the development of mold, and mold matching production also met in the spring, has injection molding machine, extrusion machine, die-casting machine, blow molding machine, such as machinery industry, and plastic, steel material such as the development of relevant industries. Tooling is the mother of the product, I begin from a small side to explain, as is known to all, general mentioned industry, we will think of Japan, the United States, Germany, etc. , the quality of Japanese cars, for example, the American electrical appliances, etc. Why Chinese is so keen to buy foreign brands, in general the domestic and foreign goods, the in the mind of the balance will be obviously biased towards foreign brands. Let's take cars for our first, loses in car parts mould design, the customer provides the product drawings or samples, a good mold designers, should not just watch tiger stroke the tiger, and should stand in the perspective of the customer, fully consider every detail, innovation consciousness, for the design of the mold piece the car do foolproof. Is it in this way can we ensure the smooth progress of the mould making. If these do not work, waste of time and cost of gold thread may be any mold enterprise cannot afford. In short, China's development cannot leave the industrial development, and the development of the mould is important aspect to consider China's industrial development. This suggests that China's leaders, between the development of the mould for China's economy and the impact of China's fate, to start from the grassroots, start from the basis of a car industry, to make the mold enterprise bigger and stronger, doing fine.

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