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Mould molding process | injection molding equipment

by:FUHONG     2020-09-13
In the production process on IML, manipulator with injection molding machine has played a very important role. Manipulator label to ensure that when the label was placed in the correct position, in order to avoid products standard. The automation manipulator and the consistency of injection molding machine signal communication and electrical chain security protection function is particularly important, related to mold and mechanical safety and efficiency of the whole production line. At the same time a mould labeling process requirement manipulator embedding label mold accuracy about ( 2) Mm, run the high precision and good stability. Injection molding machine in mould labeling production has played a vital role. Because the labeling system is a fully automated system, it is the injection speed to the requirement of molding equipment, molding cycle is short, high injection pressure and mould stroke, as well as the production stability, especially in the accuracy and stability of the injection molding machine, short production cycle and low wear rate is most important. Such as machine stability is bad, can make the mould opening position accuracy decline, resulting in bad product. Due to the labeling of containers in mold wall thickness is commonly 0. Under 6 mm, so the injection molding machine injection velocity is the minimum requirement of 450 mm/s, at the same time, injection pressure of 300 MPa. Injection molding machine adopts servo closed-loop control, improve the control precision, improve the injection speed increase accumulator at the same time. Opening and closing template must be fast and stable, the use of proportional valve to open and close mold, can play to the braking function; Below 5 mm.
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