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Mould labeling why so popular

by:FUHONG     2020-09-13
Why to stick in the mold so popular? As a mould mark product has many advantages, many large shopping malls supermarkets, and household goods, we can see the label on the box, design is very beautiful, brings very beautiful intuition. Of course, these screen printing products, because be paper, also some deficiencies. Beautiful trademark, advertising, it is easy to tear. Encounter water easy to erosion. After use is often not we first saw so beautiful. Within the last two years, mold stickers labeling machines in advanced technology solves the manufacturer is high in the heart, labeling, in this mode is to point to place the labels or applique to open mold, using vacuum, electrostatic adsorption, and other devices in the specified location. When the mould clamping, the plastic melt through the extrusion or injection into the mold molding area. Casino group, injection molding machine, investment of nearly $2000 in 2010. Used to purchase various types of processing equipment, to better meet market demand, high-speed injection molding machine is the one. For mould labeling, we and powerful in will be the advantage of the machine is our own production, principles, of course, it also let us know how to applied to the technology. And the control of each process, and the years of credibility, more let we have the confidence to the higher-end market, the concept of quality first is our forever pursuit. Mould is stuck with the, manufacturer smiled, no additional labeling procedures and equipment for artificial and cost saving a lot, and no matter when, he of trademark and advertising, the far more effective than on TV and other advertising, because it is present in front of the customer's every day, in the customer heart. Customer smiled, because before the worry, but also because of its unique let people use more happy, this is the magic stick mark in mold.

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