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Mold temperature machine in the application of the injection mould

by:FUHONG     2020-09-12
Mold temperature machine has the effect of heating or cooling, die temperature machine in the application of the injection mould? Let's look at. 1, the injection mold heat conduction of heat balance is control of injection molding machine and mold, it is the key to the production of injection molded parts. Mold inside, from plastic heat by thermal radiation transfer to cavities. In addition, the heat by thermal radiation is passed to the atmosphere and die set. Thermal fluid absorption of heat by the die temperature machine away. 2, the main purpose of the mold temperature control: one is to mould heated to working temperature, 2 it is to maintain a constant mold working temperature. The above two points do succeed, can put the cycle time optimization, thus to ensure a stable high quality of injection molded parts. Mold temperature will affect the surface quality, liquidity, shrinkage rate, injection molding cycle and deformation and so on. Mold temperature is too high or inadequate will bring different influence on different materials. For thermoplastic, high mold temperature first whiff can improve the surface quality and liquidity, but will prolong cooling and injection molding cycle. Within the lower mold temperature, decreases in the mold shrinkage, but increases after demoulding shrinkage of injection molded parts. And for thermosetting plastics, higher mold temperature usually reduce cycle time, and time is determined by the cooling time required. 3, die temperature machine temperature control system by the mold, mold temperature machine, thermal fluid of three parts. In order to ensure that heat can be added to the mold, the system each part must meet the following conditions: first is inside the mold, the surface area of the cooling channels must be large enough, passage diameter to match the pump pressure. In the cavity temperature distribution on the deformation and internal stress has a great influence. Setting up reasonable cooling channel can reduce internal stress, so as to improve the quality of the plastic parts. 4 by the water tank, heating and cooling system, mold temperature machine, power transmission system, liquid level control system and temperature sensors, sprue and other parts. Normally, the pump to make hot fluid in the power transmission system from water tank has a built-in heater and cooler to mold, then back to the tank from the mold; The temperature sensor measuring the temperature of the thermal fluid and sends the data to the controller; Controller to regulate the temperature of the thermal fluid flow, and indirectly, to regulate the temperature of the mold. If the mold temperature machine at work, the mould temperature more than set value of the controller, the controller will open the electromagnetic valve inlet pipe connect, until the temperature of the heat transfer fluid, namely the temperature of the mold back to the set value.

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