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Mixer is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-12
Mixer is composed of a horizontal rotating container and vertical mixing blades, etc, molding compound mixing, the container to the left, blade to the right, as a result of the action of reverse flow, molding compound direction intersecting among different particles, increase in the number of opportunities to contact with each other, countercurrent mixer for material extrusion pressure is small, low calorific value, high mixing efficiency, more homogeneous mixing. Mixer characteristics of the equipment has the following kinds: are uniformly mixed and loose, very few dead Angle expected, the discharge is convenient, easy to clean, high production efficiency, equipment is not easy to wear. All of the mixing barrel and blade are stainless steel, convenient cleaning, and absolutely no pollution. Chain safety device to protect the safety of the operator and machine effectively. Material is thick, strong and durable. Short time evenly mixed mix, low consumption, high efficiency. Time setting can easily control, precise is in 0 Within 15 minutes. Mixer operating procedures 1, according to the specified method, without training or not familiar with the operator, strictly forbid to use mixed color machine. 2, bearings, gears of the machine regularly. 3, machines in operation are strictly forbidden to hand out or rotating parts. 4, must shut off the power when cleaning or repair. 5, do not beyond the rated weight ( 100KG) Before, mixed color must be thoroughly cleaned it inside the hopper dust impurities. 6 points before, mixed color, make sure no abnormal conditions below operation. 7, after the mixed color should be shut off the power. 8, each shift must keep the machine clean, every day must carry on the maintenance of machine, blending machine around it is forbidden to put other groceries, kept clean inside and outside.
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