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Matching of injection molding machine and injection mold

by:FUHONG     2021-06-09
Most of the plastic products in daily life are produced by injection molding machines. The injection molding production of plastic products requires molds. That is to say, the complete injection molding solution should be the injection molding machine + mold method. This has some requirements for the injection molding machine and the matched mold. Today, the editor will briefly talk about the matching requirements of the injection molding machine and the injection mold. Matching matters of injection mold 1. The number of injection molds, in simple terms, is to inject several products at a time. There are 1 out 1, 1 out 4, 1 out 8, 1 out 16 and other aspects on the market. . Precautions <1>, the number of mold injections is generally related to the size of the mold, and the size of the mold is related to the clamping size of the injection molding machine, which needs to be matched when matching the size. <2> The number of injections is also limited by the size of the product. 2. The size of the injection mold is related. The size of the injection mold is actually related to the type of injection molding machine. The injection molding machine is divided into vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine. Precautions <1>Vertical injection molding machine vertical clamping, so The size of the clamping system is not too limited, so the mold size of the vertical injection molding machine is generally not too large, which destined that the vertical injection molding machine can only do some smaller injection products. <2> Because the entire injection molding structure of the horizontal injection molding machine is horizontal, the size of the clamping system is not limited when designing. This provides sufficient space for the size of the mold during injection molding, so larger plastic For product injection, a horizontal machine must be used. Common vertical injection moldsThe more common vertical injection molding machine molds are AC plug molds, DC plug molds, USB plug molds, toothbrush handles, accessories, golf balls, corsages, antennas, badges, buttons, chargers, electrical appliances, and stationery , Lampshades, instrument housings, cabinets, furniture, sports goods, gears, etc.
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