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Lunch box industry production of star - — High speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-07
In the production of various types of injection molding machine, high speed injection machine is the most proud of. And here is what the high speed machine production boxes have the following characteristics: 1. The safety of food grade plastic. Using PP food-grade plastic products manufacturing, the material has high melting point, generally above 120 ℃, can be put inside the microwave heating without melting. So use in the food within 100 ℃, without any security problems. In the production of tableware manufacturers, must use the good injection molding machine, through strict production certification, can be a state authorized production, to ensure that health problems. 2. The production cost is low. Early, ordinary injection molding machine production efficiency is low, which leads to the plastic lunch box to enter the market price is higher, food and beverage industry are reluctant to use. So our company introduced a high-speed machine, greatly improving the efficiency, making a single product production cycle within the 5 s, reduces the production cost of lunch boxes. Such a fast release time, such as with manipulator, it is the perfect combination. So enterprises save manpower, save labor, one of which is to reduce the production cost. From now on, high speed machine become a star boxes industry production, injection molding machine was a lot of people in the industry nicknamed the boxes. 3. Can be recycled. As early as January 1, 2001, the Chinese government in order to prevent white pollution is increasingly serious problem, has explicitly banned the production sales and the use of disposable foam plastic tableware. Can secondary recycled PP materials, used in the manufacture of low use level of products, completely solve the boxes of environmental protection. If you are looking for injection molding machine for thin-walled products such as boxes, plastic injection machine is your right choice. We are ready to provide you with high quality injection molding machine and the high quality of service.
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