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Low pressure injection molding machine applied to USB Type-C connector low pressure molding process solution

by:FUHONG     2021-07-04
JTT-200 double-station low-pressure injection molding machine is applied to the low-pressure molding process solution of USB Type-C connector. The USB Type-C connector is very small and the external size is only 8.3x2.5mm. Lightness and thinness have always been the unremitting pursuit of consumer electronic products. Such as mobile smart devices, mobile phones, laptops, etc. With the development of electronic equipment to higher speed and smaller size, the trend of connectors following this law is particularly obvious. Excessive pressure in the traditional high-pressure injection molding and packaging process will cause damage to the components, and the defect rate is high. The low-pressure injection molding process is extremely suitable for such small-size electronic component packaging. In order to solve this technical problem, USB Type-C turned out. However, the pin design of USB Type-C is small, the gripping force after welding is small, and the core wire strength is low. It needs to have higher current transmission and faster data transmission rate. JTT-100-D top low pressure injection molding machine. JTT-200 double station low pressure injection molding machine. Single slide-oil and gas pressurization-low pressure injection molding machine. After many tests, we can provide professional packaging solutions for USB Type-C packaging and injection molding. The injection pressure is only 1.5-40bar, which can avoid the damage to the components caused by the similar high-pressure injection process, thereby improving the yield rate and avoiding hidden dangers. A complete low-pressure injection molding solution should include the following four points: 1. Rich experience in low-pressure injection molding and mature application technology. 2. Selection of raw materials. 3. Suitable equipment. 4. Better mold opening program. For more than ten years since its establishment, the machinery company has been committed to the research and development of low-pressure injection molding solutions and related supporting services. Continuously explore new application areas of low-pressure injection molding technology, including all-round professional services such as early-stage product development, process evaluation, mold making, and late-stage equipment and rubber supply. Customized design of molds and low-pressure injection molding equipment can also be made according to different actual needs. Recommended reading: LCP connector injection molding machine, mobile phone connector injection molding machine JTT-550 high-speed injection molding machine features description, a wide range of uses.
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