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Low-end injection molding machines will be eliminated in a few years

by:FUHONG     2021-06-28
There are hundreds of vertical injection molding machine manufacturers in China, and the production volume of injection molding machine parts and injection molding machines is very high. Then, what do manufacturers rely on to dominate the market? In the case of relative prices, there are nothing more than two types: one is the automatic injection molding machine, and the other is the quality of the injection molding machine. So at this time, low-end injection molding machines will slowly squeeze out of the market. 1. Why are there so many low-end injection molding machines? Because of the current lifting equipment and technical standards, our country is facing some challenges. Taking into account the problem of profit and the lack of protection of intellectual property rights, so many managements have only focused on the benefits, and now there is a lack of many knowledgeable Ru0026D personnel, so many low-end injection molding machines have appeared on the market. 2. Experts predict that low-end injection molding machines will be eliminated within 5 years. According to news, the prices of injection molding machines sold in some countries in Western Europe are very different from those sold in my country. The price of imported injection molding machines is three times cheaper than domestic injection molding machines, and there are other things that are also very different, so Chinese buyers rely on imported machines. This example shows that our country's technology is vastly different from foreign technology, and the technology is relatively backward. 3. The quality of domestic machinery has been improved. When I heard the news, I finally felt a little happy. The quality of domestic machinery has been continuously improved, and the production of domestic machinery has increased. According to statistics, the number of machines has increased by 12% in 2016. According to this development trend, low-end injection molding machines will be eliminated.
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