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Liquid silicone injection molding process

by:FUHONG     2021-06-05
Silica gel makes a common product in our lives. Compared with plastic, silica gel is safer and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is widely used in medical and maternal and infant products, such as baby pacifiers, children's toys, silicone mobile phone cases, watch straps, and medical oxygen. Face masks, etc. At the same time, the flexibility and stability of silicone make it very suitable for the production of seals and metal encapsulated products. The injection molding process of liquid silicone is different from that of plastic. Silicone is a thermoforming material that needs to be cured into the products we need under certain temperature conditions. Common liquid silicone injection molding processes include extrusion molding process, drip molding process, solid state hot press molding process, and liquid injection molding process. Among them, the solid state hot press molding process is the most widely used one. The solid-state hot-pressing molding process uses the pressure and temperature of the hydraulic press to vulcanize the product using a mold, so the cost of this manufacturing process is relatively low and the output is high. However, the solid-state hot pressing process is generally used to make single-color silicone products. If you need to inject multi-color silicone products, the glue dropping process is generally used, but the output of the glue dropping process is not high and the labor cost is high. Products such as multi-color silicone bracelets and mobile phone silicone protective covers that are common in daily life are generally made of glue. No matter which injection molding process is used, a high-quality liquid silicone injection molding machine is an indispensable tool. Our JTT-850 liquid silicone injection molding machine is equipped with a high-precision injection control system, a double alloy barrel, and has high abrasion resistance. Special cylinder for liquid silicon rubber, special screw for liquid silicon rubber, special cooling system for liquid silicon rubber, oil motor, large torque, fast blanking, closed-loop control device, guarantee product size, variable power saving device, pressure and flow rate of hydraulic circuit , It can be controlled completely according to the changes of each section, with high stability, high precision temperature control, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic triple mold protection devices to ensure mold and personal safety.
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